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The New World of Audio

The most advanced UI for audio stories - both listening and creating. Hundreds of Audio stories and our libraries are adding up fast for you to binge on stories, on the go!

Multi-lingual - For Everyone. Without Differences.

BingeTales brings the joy of reading and listening to Stories in English and Hindi already. As we work round the clock, to add more languages, the idea is to take Storytelling to every hand and everyone

Night Mode & Customisable Reading Experience

From font size, style and colour scheme, control the environment you want to binge in. Also, a powerful Night Mode, to not hurt your eyes while you are hooked on to stories at odd hours of the night!

Creators' Portal for those who have Stories to Tell

Powerful, In-App Creators' Portal, to create content, track the content you have submitted, analytics and also an in-built mentorship tool, where you get feedback and suggestions from our Editorial